FAQ For Clients

What is Bloom?

Bloom is an online platform that connects people with Personal Support Workers and Health Care Professionals to provide support in the home. We aim to make the process of finding qualified professionals as easy as possible. We do this by providing you with choice of professional, fully matched by our matching algortihms, and based on your families needs. We want to provide the best care and start by providing you with the choice you deserve.

How does Bloom work?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply create an account, get matched with compatible Health Care Pros in your area, and select your favourite candidate.

How do I get Bloom?

Bloom is available through mobile, iOS and Android, as well as web versions. Simply download the app, or visit our website and create an account to begin.

What do Bloom's Health Care Pro's do?

Personal care is service that is provided to a person(s), in a person’s home, wherever home is, that meets the supportive, physical and psychosocial needs of that person(s).

Hands on personal care is provided by an appropriately trained “Unregulated Care Provider” and at times will require working as a member of a health care team under the supervision of either a Care Planner or a Registered Health Professional RHP. Supervision will be required when performing a designated task as delegated by an RHP under the Regulated Health Professions Act.

Personal Support Workers’ provide care to person(s) who require personal assistance with activities of daily living. They may also provide additional care as delegated by an RHP as needed and when it can be performed safely and within Provincial legislation. PSW’s provide personal care and related paraprofessional services in accordance with an established plan of care. PSWs also provide for the personal needs and comfort of all individuals in their homes or other environments. Typically involves both personal care tasks and incidental activities of daily living, such as housekeeping, meal preparation, socialization and companionship.

The PSW:

Can assist person(s) with activities of daily living such as feeding, lifts and transfers, bathing, skin care, oral hygiene, and toileting.

Can perform delegated tasks which have been delegated by an RHP in compliance with the RHPA for which transfer of functional training has been completed, such as insertion of a digit or instrument into a body cavity, care or procedure under the dermis and any task or skill needing a physician’s prescription.

Can assist with medication and medication reminders to person(s) in accordance with established employer or government policy.

Can perform light housekeeping duties such as sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming, washing dishes, and laundry.

Must continuously observe person(s) and their environments, and must report and document unsafe conditions and behavioral, physical, and / or cognitive changes to an appropriate supervisor; i.e. family member, employer, care coordinator etc.

Must communicate and demonstrate basic information to person(s) in relation to activities of daily living, light housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, in accordance with pre-established Plan of Care.

Must complete and maintain related records and documentation such as communication books and progress notes.

*RHP- Regulated Healthcare Professional

*PSW – Personal Support Worker

How are we different from traditional home care mediums?
  • Our unique algorithms connect you with the best suited and vetted Pros based on your specified wants and needs
  • Full patient choice, where you get to make the final decision on who you will be letting into yours or your loved ones’ home
  • Vetted, Certified PSW’s with Reference and Background checks as well as General Liability Insurance coverage
  • Communicate in real time with your caregiver using our unique platform for updates or information
  • Real time geographic attendance verification – no more over billing
Is my health information Secure?

Absolutely. We like to compare our security to Fort Knox, but in the technical capacity. We are PIPEDA, PHIPA, HIPAA, and HITECH Compliant. This exceeds North American and Global Standards.

What types of services are offered by Bloom?
  • We provide you and your loved ones with a wide variety of services. These range from housekeeping, dressing, bathing assistance, meal preparation, companionship, laundry, post op care, bathroom assist, and more!  Whatever you need, Bloom will accommodate.
Are the Health Care Professionals Vetted?

Yes, they are fully background checked, certified, and referenced.

Is Bloom Insured?

Absolutely. Bloom is insured by some of the largest Insurers on the planet – including Lloyd’s of London. Rest assured, they have you covered. Bloom covers all PSW’s and Health Care Professionals with $2 Million in Liability and $2 Million in Medical Malpractice Insurance.

Can I rebook with the same PSW or support worker?
  • Yes! You can book Health Pros for multiple shifts at a time. If after your appointment is completed & you are extremely content, you can rebook the same support worker on an ongoing basis. Keep in mind that they may not be available at the time of your request.
Can I book a new Health Pro if I no longer like the one that I have?

Absolutely. You would just cancel the initial PSW or Health Pro right in your profile on our app and/or website. You can then cancel and re-schedule those shifts with a new PSW or Health Pro that you feel may be a better fit. 

What happens if my PSW or Health Pro doesn't show up, or is late?

Unfortunately, we can not control all circumstances and there may be times where a PSW or Pro misses a shift or is late. We have introduced features to help mitigate this risk however, including real time GPS check in – you and or family will be notified immediately if no one shows up. We also have instant messaging built into the app where you can securely message the PSW or Health Pro to determine if and when they will be arriving. We also have a rating and review system, so if your Pro is not performing well, you have the right to review/rate them accordingly. Conversely, if they are doing a great job we ask that you rate them well, as their pay is based on their performance. We are doing everything we can to instill accountability in all PSW’s and Health Pros.

What is Bloom’s cancellation policy?

Shift Cancellation must occur within 24 hours of the scheduled visit, otherwise the client will be billed for the enture shift.

How many hours can I book?

Book as many or as few hours as you like. The more hours, the easier it will be to get quality health care professionals. Keep that in mind when selecting!

FAQ For Health Care Professionals

What is Bloom?
  • Bloom is an online platform that connects caregivers to individuals in need of assistance and care. We seek to make the process of finding and providing homecare as painless as possible for both parties involved.  We do this through our innovative platform designed to suit your individual and specified wants and needs.
How do I become a part of the Bloom team?
  • Simply visit our website and Join Our Team. You will have PSW certification and will be prepared for background and reference checks.
Why should I pick Bloom?
  • Bloom offers caregivers the flexibility and freedom of the self employed. Simply log on and accept requests when it works for you, with the option for direct communication with the client along the way.  Work when you want, and get the compensation you strive for.
How does compensation work?
  • It’s easy. After your shift, within a week at most, you will receive payment directly into your bank account. Please be sure to keep in mind that no taxes will be removed, and therefore you must compensate for that at the end of the year when filing your taxes.